Easy Ways To Make Things Easier On Yourself With Your Iphone

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Many people want to own an iphone and get the best deal out of it. There are a few things that you need to know in order to do this.Which carrier is best for the best? What apps are best apps? Which model of the right one for you? This article will help to answer some of these questions along with many more you may have.

It is common to drop the phone in a water puddle, a puddle of water or something else wet.Rather than using a dryer, softly wipe the phone and submerge it in a plastic ziptop bag with plenty of rice.

Are you tired of the constant notifications you receive on our iphone? You can easily turn them off by following these steps. Check the heading marked “In Notification Center” to identify apps that you don’t need. Doing this will also extend the life of your battery long.

The iphone allows you the freedom to develop a custom dictionary and your own specific shortcuts. You can use the dictation feature and have your iphone. You can easily add phrases and shortcuts to your phone while programming it. Your keyboard will also use the auto-correct feature to make typing a word or phrase.

You can easily message faster using this simple trick. You can dismiss dictionary word by tapping the screen.You do not even have to press the tiny X that shows up on the word’s end.

Are there special characters such as umlauts or accented letters you would like to use in your texts? A box will appear with extra keys. You can use as many fancy letters to your heart’s content!

You can take photos using your iphone without having to keep your phone. Your headphone volume buttons and these can also double as a way to snap your pictures. Start by focusing your hand on the subject you want to capture.

Tap the bar to return to the top of the page. You can also use this on any long screen as well.

Do not panic if your iphone freezes on you.If that doesn’t work, hit the home button and the sleep and wake button. This will walk you through restarting your phone and the Apple logo should appear.

The command for marking an email unread in the iphone isn’t visible; you have to uncover it.

Think about purchasing an app for battery management application. They will also notify you about calibration, which keeps your battery working at an optimal level.

If you are interrupted while composing an email, then just press cancel rather than closing out of your email app. The device will ask whether you want your unfinished writing to be stored as a draft of the message. This allows you to finish up your email when you have something to do.

You can save lots of time typing time on the iphone. Go to the main part of the settings and then press keyboard where you can add an additional shortcut. This will allow you can take the complex phrases or long strings of words you use over and over. Then you won’t have no need to type them out in full each and every time.

You can take a screenshot with your iphone whenever you wish. Simply do a quick press Home button and Power in conjunction with one another. This takes the snapshots of your phone’s current display and directly forwards it to the Images area for you.

Tap cancel in order to save an email message.You will then be given the option to Save your draft for later. If you opt to save the message, your message is saved under Drafts. If necessary, the phone will create one for you.

You can gain access to your iPod buttons and your favorites. Simply navigate to “Settings, tap general,” and then click the home button. You can customize your iphone by double clicking and then selecting which options that you would like to customize. This process is fairly easy to do when you know the steps.

There are a number of ways to scroll down your contact list. You can tap a single letter to advance to the listings you want, scroll the entire list, or slide your finger along the letters on the right side of the screen. The third way gives you the ability to scroll rapidly through the entire list.

Use your iphone to connect through social media with your friends. The iphone lets you instantly update your life and friends on any of the major social media like Twitter or Facebook. Get all the latest updates with these apps so you know what is going on when it is happening.

You don’t need to use the scroll method to search contacts on your iphone. Hold your fingertip on the list. Slide your finger up and down. This is an easy and controlled way you can have more control while looking at your contact list.

Hold the Home button down if your iphone is frozen. This action should reboot the phone. If it still doesn’t work, then press the power and home button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Only utilize the second technique if the first fails.

Do not allow your iphone to extreme temperatures if possible. Do not bring your iphone into a freezer and refrigerated areas.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to use your iphone since that you have read this article. All of this information will help you appreciate your iphone.