Why is Thailand’s tsunami still going strong?

Why is Thailand’s tsunami still going strong?

July 25, 2021 Comments Off on Why is Thailand’s tsunami still going strong? By admin

Thailand’s coastal regions are still reeling from the devastation of the recent typhoon, and a few years after the worst of the storm, locals are still struggling to recover.

This week, two years after it was declared a tropical cyclone, a new type of tropical cyclones has struck the country.

Thailand’s National Disaster Management Agency says the typhoon was named the Tungkin El and was heading west towards the Thai-Malaysian border.

“The typhoon has been moving at about 5 km/h and is expected to make landfall in the southernmost part of Thailand by Sunday evening,” the agency said in a statement.

The agency said there are no reports of deaths.

The new category 3 storm was the first to make its way through the Thai peninsula.

“It was the most powerful typhoon to hit Thailand in more than two decades, according to the National Disaster Information Centre,” the Thai Meteorological Administration said in an update.

The storm was heading towards the country’s west coast.

“This is an extremely dangerous situation as this typhoon could cause extensive damage to the country,” the statement added.

The National Disaster Mitigation Centre said in late March it was working to assess damage caused by the storm.

It said that the typhoons previous landfall in Thailand, and the flooding that followed, had caused about $3bn in damage.

“As a result, the government will now begin assessing the extent of the damage,” the disaster management agency said.

It has been reported that a large number of people in Thailand are now homeless.

The authorities have also asked residents to take shelter.

The number of cases in Thailand has now increased to about 7,000, according a recent report by the Bangkok Post.

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