Trump’s tsunami denial has created a crisis for climate science

Trump’s tsunami denial has created a crisis for climate science

July 28, 2021 Comments Off on Trump’s tsunami denial has created a crisis for climate science By admin

Climate scientists have been struggling for months to make sense of Trump’s denial on climate change.

The President has said he wants to make climate change a priority in his administration.

But Trump has repeatedly said that he will not take action on climate because it is “political.”

Now, a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that Trump has used his presidential powers to undermine climate science.

The report, by the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on the Science and Technology of the 21st Century, makes clear that the president has used climate denial as an instrument of political control.

The study’s authors write that “the science of climate change is under assault from both sides of the political spectrum, with an array of forces attempting to undermine its status as a fact.”

The report notes that climate denial “is a central component of a wider strategy by conservative policymakers to suppress public debate about the science of human-caused climate change.”

The researchers say that climate deniers and the denialists who support them have been able to use climate denial to “mobilize political support, undermine public confidence in climate science, and undermine public trust in climate policymaking.”

The study also concludes that climate change denial “undermines the legitimacy of climate science and contributes to a pervasive climate denial culture, undermining public trust and encouraging the politicization of climate research.”

A group of more than a dozen climate scientists, however, said Tuesday that they are disappointed with the report’s conclusions.

They say the authors did a “pretty good job” of presenting a detailed and compelling argument against climate denial.

The National Academy said it did a good job presenting a case for the importance of climate and its causes.

The scientists say the report presents a flawed argument, based on a number of flaws, including the assumption that climate is a linear process that requires global warming to cause a certain amount of warming.

That is not correct, the scientists wrote.

The science of climatic change is complex and changing rapidly, they wrote.

It is unclear how, exactly, climate change has changed over the past century and how it could have been caused by humans.

The Trump administration has made denying climate change one of its top priorities.

A White House official said Trump’s administration has been working on a plan to address climate change since March.

The plan includes a plan for the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and create incentives to develop renewable energy sources, the official said.

The new report is the latest sign that Trump’s climate denial has taken on an increasingly dire and destabilizing character.

A new report released by the American Association for the Advancement of Science says that climate-change denial is now the number one factor in driving people away from the sciences.

In its new report, the AAAS says climate denial is the leading cause of leaving science and technology fields.

The AAAS found that “climate denial has been an especially prominent factor in the declining enrollment of scientists in science and engineering disciplines across the country,” the New York Times reported.

Scientists have been left feeling like “they have no other choice” because of climate denial, said Christopher J. Wittenberg, president of the American Physical Society, who was not involved in the study.

The association has said climate denial was one of the factors behind the decline in the number of scientists who accepted the president’s invitation to speak at the Society’s annual meeting in November.

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