How to survive a tsunami in Alaska

How to survive a tsunami in Alaska

July 29, 2021 Comments Off on How to survive a tsunami in Alaska By admin

The tsunami that hit the coast of Alaska on Friday has left more than 600 people dead and nearly 3,000 injured, with officials warning more landslides and landslides could happen if the water continues to rise.

The wave struck about 150 kilometres south of Anchorage at 7:42pm (AEDT) on Friday, just a few hours after the US and Japan held their first joint press conference since the tsunami.

The US Geological Survey said the wave hit just 20 kilometres offshore, near the coast, but officials say the surge was much bigger and it could cause further landslides.

“It’s still possible that this could happen,” Alaska Governor Bill Walker told reporters on Saturday.

“The ocean surface is just right for it to come down, and there is still a risk of landslides.”

He said the state would not be able to get all the power lines up and running for days, and warned people to wear life jackets.

“We have a lot of people out there, some of whom are going to need it,” Walker said.

“We’ve got to make sure we have enough generators, but also make sure our people have some sort of safety equipment to keep them safe.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said the tsunami struck on the same day that the US National Weather Service issued a yellow warning for landslides along the coast.

“This is a tsunami, it’s going to be devastating,” the agency said.

“There are going for landslide risk in the areas of heavy rainfall and winds of 50 knots.”

If we don’t do everything we can to prepare, we’re going to have to have some devastating landslides for the next couple of weeks.”WHAT TO DO IF YOU LIVE IN OR IN THE AREA: Alaska Governor Bill Schuette said on Saturday that officials were working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the state’s National Weather Services office to ensure everyone had emergency supplies in place.”

The agency warned people in the area to stay at least 30 metres (98ft) away from power lines. “

I do have a message to the public, but I don, so it’s really up to you.”

The agency warned people in the area to stay at least 30 metres (98ft) away from power lines.

There were also warnings for coastal areas in the US, such as the coastal communities of Fort McMurray, Alta., and Kodiak, Alaska, as well as some areas in Canada and Mexico.

Alaska Gov.

Bill Walker said that the state had more than 2,000 power lines at risk for landslisions.

“People are not going to live in the mountains, so we need to do everything possible to get them out of harm’s way,” Mr Walker said on Friday.

“That’s going too far.

If we are going, the floodwaters are going very close to the coast.”

Alaska is not a US state, but Mr Walker’s advice applies to all US states.

“I have no problem with people from other states and countries coming to Alaska,” he told ABC News.

“But if we don to take advantage of the opportunity and get people out of their homes and into safe areas, we’ll be in big trouble.”WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The Associated Press and ABC News’ Alana Abramovic and Josh Miller contributed to this report.


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