When the tsunami hits, don’t let the kids stay home: The experts

When the tsunami hits, don’t let the kids stay home: The experts

August 3, 2021 Comments Off on When the tsunami hits, don’t let the kids stay home: The experts By admin

The waves are rising and the waves are hitting.

So where should kids be in the next tsunami?

The experts tell us they’re better off with family or friends.

In fact, experts are saying if you can stay home, stay there.

The tsunami hits on July 8.

That means we’re just two weeks away from the second wave hitting.

But first, the experts tell the CBC’s Kate McBain what you need to know about the next wave.


When and where to be safe: If you’re not at home, be prepared.

That’s because a tsunami hits the coast around 6:15 p.m.

ET on July 15.

The first wave hits the West Coast and the second is headed for the East Coast.

That second wave will be worse.

It will hit inland, too.

Experts say the tsunami will hit anywhere between 5 to 7 feet (1 to 2 metres) deep.

The waves will be up to 60 feet (16 to 23 metres) high.


Where to watch the tsunami: A tsunami watch is issued for a coastal area.

That includes coastal communities and towns along the coast, coastal villages, remote islands and the Pacific Ocean.

That is why it’s important to have a plan and to be prepared to be there.

Here’s how to find out if you’re in danger: 1.

Find a safe place: If the wave is approaching inland, people should evacuate the area.

This includes buildings, schools, businesses and homes.

You also need to have an evacuation plan, which can be found at www.fiduciary.gc.ca. 2,5.

If you have to leave, know where to go: There are a variety of places to stay in the event of a tsunami.

But most people are advised to stay with friends or family.

The following are some places to go if you need help: Shelter: Shelters in the area should be used for at least 24 hours, with a minimum of one hour.

You’ll need food and water.

Shelters should also be kept clean, so that you can protect your family.

A shelter may also be necessary for those with health concerns.

Shelter at the nearest emergency shelter.

Shelter at a church or other place of worship where there is food and medical supplies.

Shelter in a community centre.

Shelter for displaced people.

Shelter, in the form of a tent, in a park or parkland.

Shelter on the beach.

Shelter with other people.


How to get there: You can fly out of the area, but you can’t use a helicopter.

You can still use a plane, but not from the airport.

So, you need a vehicle to travel to and from the area where you need shelter.

For the next few days, you can either drive to or from the nearest airport.

If there are people with you, use the taxi system to get to the airport and then take a taxi to the nearest shelter.


If it’s a bad time to evacuate, do it quickly: If there’s a big wave coming and the tsunami is too high, people will need to leave quickly.

The Coast Guard has issued a tsunami evacuation alert for areas that are located in or near coastal towns.

If a tsunami is forecast, the Coast Guard says people should go to high ground and stay there for a minimum 24 hours.

The coast guard is reminding people to leave immediately.

The alert says that a tsunami of that magnitude could reach as high as 50 metres (164 feet).


How much damage will there be?

It’s possible to lose a lot of your belongings.

According to the Coast of Ontario, an average of 20 to 30 per cent of your possessions could be lost if the wave hits.

The government is also warning people to wear safety clothing.

For more information, visit the coast of ontario.ca/safety.


How long will it take to rebuild?

According to a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, reconstruction will take anywhere from two to six months.

The centre says the rebuild should be done by the end of 2019.

That would mean the rebuild would take place in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

It’s also possible that the rebuild could take place between 2024 and 2025.


What can you do if you’ve been damaged by a tsunami?

It might take a bit of time to rebuild.

People can contact the Coast Services Agency at 1-800-939-6800 to get help.

They can also contact the government’s tsunami disaster management centre at 1,800-829-6888.

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