How to respond to tsunamis as they come in this tsunami warning

How to respond to tsunamis as they come in this tsunami warning

August 12, 2021 Comments Off on How to respond to tsunamis as they come in this tsunami warning By admin

Today’s tsunami warning is in response to Tropical Storm Stella.

Stella is located in the tropical Atlantic, and is expected to make landfall later today and tomorrow.

Stella, which has a maximum sustained wind speed of 100 miles per hour (161 kilometers per hour), is a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 155 miles per day (370 kilometers per day) in the western Caribbean Sea and 200 miles per second (38 mph) in South America.

As of this writing, Stella is moving toward the west coast of North America.

The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring Stella’s path and intensity.

It’s important to note that Stella is a tropical storm.

It has the potential to produce hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall in the area.

The storm is expected not to produce catastrophic damage to the area, but there is concern that it could cause some coastal flooding.

The Tropical Storm Warning issued today outlines the possible impacts of Stella on the United States and its coastal regions.

The forecast track for Stella is consistent with a strengthening of the current hurricane season and the expected development of Tropical Storm Florence.

Tropical Storm Rosa, which is also forecast to make its landfall today, is located north of Cuba.

Rosa is located just north of the Bahamas.

Rosa has a sustained windspeed of 120 miles per, and a maximum speed of 180 miles per minute.

Rosa, a Category 3 hurricane with a maximum storm surge of 10 feet (3.4 meters) and gusts of 100 mph (160 kph), is forecast to reach the eastern United States on Saturday, according to the National Hurricane Centre.

Rosa’s maximum sustained strength is predicted to be 150 miles per (270 kilometers per) and the minimum is expected be 80 miles per.

The current hurricane-force wind gusts will be between 35 to 65 mph (50 to 105 kph).

Tropical Storm Wilma, which will make landfall tomorrow in the Caribbean Sea, is a category 4 hurricane that is moving northeast at 12 mph (19 kph) per hour.

Wilma is a fast-moving tropical storm with a sustained maximum wind speed over 110 miles per mile (200 kilometers per), and a storm surge rating of 5 feet (1.6 meters).

Wilma has a Category 2 hurricane-strength wind gust of 65 mph, and the maximum sustained pressure of 678 millibars (16.2 psi).

Wilmas eye is moving northwest at 11 mph (18 kph); its minimum sustained wind velocity is estimated to be 80 mph (130 kph).

“The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for southern New Jersey on Thursday morning.

As with Tropical Storm Rita, a tornado warning is required for southern parts of the state.

The tornado watch includes the areas of central and western New Jersey, southeastern New Jersey and southeastern Delaware.

The watch also includes the towns of Fairfield and South Brunswick.

The advisory is for an area between New York City and the Atlantic Ocean.

The state of New Jersey is expected a hurricane warning for the Atlantic Coast on Saturday.

The weather system will become a tropical depression when it reaches New York Harbor, the storm surge level is expected in the vicinity of 5 to 6 feet (2.8 to 3 meters), and it is possible for the wind to become gusty.

The New York State Office of Emergency Management (OEMEM) issued a tropical cyclone watch for New York, New Jersey (NJ), Long Island (NY), and Long Island Sound (NYS).

The warning includes the central and eastern portions of the New York metropolitan area, western New York and Long Beach, and eastern Long Island.

The area from Albany to Syracuse is under a tropical system watch.

The central and southern parts will experience heavy rainfall and storm surge.

The high winds and low water will cause flooding and power outages.

The eye of this system will move into the eastern parts of New York on Saturday morning.

The wind gust will reach 65 mph and a hurricane watch is in effect for the area until midnight on Saturday and into Sunday.

It is expected that this system may make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and New York.

The threat level for the storm is a severe tropical depression.

The low pressure will become elevated and it may bring strong winds and storm surges, potentially bringing dangerous flooding.

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