Why the 2004 tsunami killed hundreds of thousands in Greece

Why the 2004 tsunami killed hundreds of thousands in Greece

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Posted October 28, 2018 06:07:47 The 2004 tsunami in Greece killed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people and was the worst earthquake in Greek history.

It was a natural disaster that took place during the summer months and the Greek government did not have a lot of funds to prepare for it.

The Greek government has a budget deficit of around 10% of GDP.

Greece was in a recession at the time of the disaster.

Many of the Greek people did not survive the earthquake.

Many people were left with the financial consequences of the catastrophe.

The earthquake killed around 5,000 people in Greece.

Many are buried in unmarked graves in Athens and some people are living in caves or on rooftops.

Greece has never been a large country and the earthquake was felt far and wide.

Some countries have a much bigger earthquake but they are not as large as Greece.

The United States, which had the worst earthquakes in the world, did not experience the tsunami that devastated Greece and many people did survive the disaster because they were protected by the US military.

Many residents of the United States were able to evacuate and many were able go back to their homes.

The US government also helped Greece, and the United Kingdom has since done the same thing.

However, the disaster in Greece caused a massive economic collapse in the country.

In order to avoid an economic collapse, the Greek Government decided to use some money from its rainy day fund to help the victims.

The government spent around 4 billion euros (about $5.6 billion) in the months that followed and was able to recover a large part of the costs.

However the earthquake in Greece was the biggest in Greek economic history.

Some people blame the earthquake on the tsunami in 2004.

The tsunami hit Greece at around 11:30am on March 8, 2004, killing around 500 people and causing around 1.5 million people to be homeless.

A year later the earthquake happened, killing an additional 7,500 people and injuring 2.6 million.

People living on the streets are still living on a daily basis.

Many elderly people have had to take care of their sick and old relatives and are now forced to live in cramped apartments.

The cost of the earthquake is estimated at over 5 billion euros.

Many buildings have been damaged and some buildings were destroyed completely.

The people living in the tsunami zone, including those in Greece’s capital Athens, were forced to move to the outskirts of Athens in order to get away from the earthquake and its aftermath.

There were also a lot more deaths than the earthquake, as the number of people who died due to the tsunami is believed to be around 20,000.

The number of dead is believed even higher.

In Greece, the earthquake killed over 9,000 and injured another 7,600.

In addition, around 5 million people were displaced from their homes, while another 4.3 million people are still displaced from Greece, according to the World Health Organization.

The most affected areas were in the southern areas of Athens, including Athens, Piraeus, Ephesus, and Samos.

The majority of the dead and injured are in the northern part of Athens and the southern parts of Athens.

In the eastern part of Greece, people were in a state of shock, as they had no idea how many people were dead or missing, and how many of their relatives were left without food and clothing.

The first death tolls were given by the Greek media as 8,500 in Athens, while in the western part of northern Greece, a total of 2,700 people died, according the Greek news agency Kathimerini.

Some Greek residents in the areas that were hit the hardest were in Piraeus and Ephesos.

People who were unable to leave their homes were forced by the tsunami to stay in their homes and then to seek shelter in hotels, according a report by Greek daily The Kathimerina.

This has left some families with no money to buy food, as many people in Athens do not have bank accounts.

Many Greek citizens were unable, or unable to, find food to eat or for their children to play with in their apartment because of the tsunami.

Some of the elderly people in these areas were unable or unable even to go outside to look for help.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement that the Ministry of Education in Athens had received the results of the study on the earthquake as of Friday, but it was unable to release the data until Monday.

This is the largest earthquake in the Greek capital since 2004 and was one of the worst in the city’s history.

The report also said that the earthquake destroyed some buildings and caused damage to the bridges.

The study also stated that the government had issued warnings about the risk of the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius, which was active at the end of March, which led to the eruption in August of 2015.

This volcano is one of three active volcanoes in the region.

However this eruption occurred during the spring, and was not due

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