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Fiji is considering tsunami evacuation after deadly quake

July 11, 2021 Comments Off on Fiji is considering tsunami evacuation after deadly quake By admin

Fiji is exploring options to evacuate residents after a devastating earthquake struck the tiny Pacific island nation on Sunday, a government official said.

The quake that caused a tsunami of up to 10 metres and a strong aftershock killed at least 1,200 people and injured almost 2,000 more, according to the earthquake bureau.

“We are considering evacuating the population as we are in the midst of a severe earthquake,” said Alisee Giaue, a spokesman for the national disaster management agency.

Fiji is one of several Pacific islands where residents have been urged to remain in their homes after a tsunami struck.

“There are already more than 600,000 people who have lost their homes.

It is too early to determine the exact number of fatalities but we have a large number of people in Fiji who are affected by the earthquake,” Giaues spokesman said.

“Fiji is very close to China.

It will be difficult to evacuate people if there is a major earthquake there.”

In another development on Sunday evening, the National Disaster Management Agency (NDRM) said that the death toll from the quake had reached 2,079, with about 2,400 people still missing.

The agency said that some 6,700 homes were damaged or destroyed in Fiji, but added that it was unable to provide an exact number.

Fiji has been experiencing a surge in the number of natural disasters this year, which is expected to continue through the coming weeks, as a number of earthquakes are being felt across the Pacific island, which has been the most vulnerable in the region due to its location at the tip of the Pacific.

“A tsunami is one thing, but a tsunami is also a very, very dangerous thing.

The situation is now so critical that it is now taking this to a whole new level,” NDRM deputy commissioner Jocelyn Hogg said on Sunday.

“The situation is not only concerning the island of Fiji, it is also affecting the whole Pacific region.”

The agency has received more than 10,000 reports of damage or destruction since Sunday evening.

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