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Which Tsunami is Your Favorite?

December 10, 2021 Comments Off on Which Tsunami is Your Favorite? By admin

Tsuruhi Tsurui, an experienced photographer who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years, recently took part in a photo contest that took place in Tahoe, a town in the state of Washington. 

His contest, “Tsuruahi Tsunetis” (Tsuruku: Tsurunami), was designed to see who would be the best Tsunamis photographer of all time.

“I had a lot of fun,” Tsuruku told FourFourSecond.

“It was my favorite contest because it had so many challenges and a lot more fun than the usual ones.

People were taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.”

The winner will be featured in an upcoming book, entitled “Tsunami Dreams,” that will be published by the Oregon Press in 2018.

The contest took place on the same day that the tsunami devastated the area around Tahoe and a nearby town, Ketchikan, which had already suffered from the devastating impact of the tsunami.

The two towns were devastated by the earthquake that followed the tsunami and the resulting tsunami wave.

“The tsunami came right before Tahoe came under the wave, so the tsunami wave hit the shore and the tsunami waves came ashore,” Tseguai said.

“So the tsunami came ashore and I was in the water in the middle of the town, so I didn’t have time to get out.”

Tsurui said that he had spent a lot time in Tahozuna and the nearby Ketchiai Valley, which were the most affected by the tsunami, so he was familiar with the area’s conditions.

“It’s the same with Tsunas: You can’t leave the water if you have to go anywhere,” Tsukue said.

“When I went to Tahozuni, I was a little scared.

I didn, too, but I’m a big guy.

So I had a good feeling and I knew what I was getting into.”

After winning the contest, Tsuruki went to a nearby restaurant and ate lunch with his family.

“There was no one there so I went out and ate some rice and noodles and just had a drink and a sandwich and ate and had a nice lunch,” Tshunami said.

Tsurumi said that after lunch, he started to get worried about his friends.

“We’re so close.

We can’t do anything to the tsunami,” Tsuna said. 

Tsuruki said he got out of the restaurant and walked home to the town of Tahozuwa, which is located near the shore of the Gulf of Alaska, where he had taken a photo of his family in the waters.

“And that’s when I saw that my friends were already dead,” Tsaumi said.

The tsunami was devastating, and the entire area was evacuated.

“This is my hometown,” Tshaumu said.

I was like, ‘Where is my family?

Where is my friends?’

“I think that’s why I wanted to take this photo,” Ttsuna said, “so that people know what they’re going through.”

Tshunama’s wife was also taken by the Tsunames tsunami, and her body was found a day later on the shore.

“Her body was still there and I couldn’t see her,” Tsonu said, adding that he believes she may have died from hypothermia.

Tsunami Dreams will be available on Amazon and other digital bookstores on March 20. 

“It was a pretty emotional time,” Tsenwa said.

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