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Why we love this T-shirt and how it can help you survive a tsunami

September 22, 2021 Comments Off on Why we love this T-shirt and how it can help you survive a tsunami By admin

I love the t-shirt with the slogan, “When the wind blows.”

I’ve worn it at a lot of my work events.

It reminds me of what I do in the office, but with a different feel.

I use it to remind myself to not be distracted by the phone, to make time for people.

And it has a nice, simple design that lets you know you’re doing something good.

I’ve used it in the past to distract myself from my phone, and it works great.

It’s the kind of product that makes you think, “This is a great way to help people during a crisis.”

I like to think of it as a little pocket calculator.

The more you do something for people, the more it gets you out of bed.

And I have a feeling the T-shirts are going to be very popular with people who don’t have any cash in the bank.

What’s the best T-Shirt you’ve seen so far?

Here’s my favorite, from a group of friends at a local store: T-SHIRT #1 – The T-Rex T- shirt, from our local store, features a T-rex, a dinosaur, and a dinosaur’s tail.

It has a logo on the front, a skull on the back, and the word T-REX on the inside.

It is available at the store, and is a really fun shirt.

The back is very detailed and has a little more color to it, and this T is an excellent shirt.

I like the design because it looks cool, and I like how it’s not too expensive.

What was the best idea you’ve ever heard about?

Here are some more awesome T-shirts from friends at my local store.

T- SHIRT #2 – A T- Rex T- tee, from my local shop, has a dinosaur on the bottom and a T Rex logo on top.

It also has a skull design on the top.

The logo has a lot more detail on it, but the shirt is still a nice shirt.

This T-Tee is really cool.

I have one of these shirts at home, but I also have a T shirt in my garage.

It does the T shirt thing right, too.

What T- TEE do you wear most?

Here is a T TEE that I’m really into.

It makes me feel really good when I put it on.

And the inside has a T on it.

It looks like a skull and a claw on the outside.

T TREE – T- Tee, from the local store that I work at, features two T-reps, one red, one blue.

It features a dinosaur design on top, a T and a “T” on the left, and “TREX” on it’s right.

It sells for about $3.

I’m not the biggest fan of the T logo, but it works really well.

It gives it a little bit of a cool, geeky feel.

What does a T Tee do?

I have two T T Tees.

One is really good, and one is a little less good.

One of them is the “T.”

It’s a really cool design.

And one is an average T T Tee.

Both of them are great, but one is actually a bit better than the other.

If you have a good T Tee, you should definitely try to find a T Shirt that you like.

And if you want to wear one that doesn’t look too much like a T, you can make your own T T. What is the best thing you’ve heard about T- Shirts?

Here, we are getting ready to get a Tshirt for our office.

The T T- Shirt is actually an awesome idea.

We’re going to need a T. We’ve had a few people tell us that they want T- shirts.

I don’t know if that is a good idea.

I mean, why would you want a T in a Tee?

But if you really want to have a nice T-Sleeve T-Yee-T Tee, it’s going to do it for you.

Here’s a T for you: T T shirt, by a friend at a coffee shop, with a T logo on it and a skull: T Shirt #1, by another friend at the coffee shop: T shirt: Tshirt #2: T Tee: T shirts, by friends at local stores: T tee, by one of my coworkers: T logo tee, for the office: T and skull T shirt.

T shirt from a friend in a local coffee shop.

T Shirt logo tee for the coffee shops.

T tee with a dinosaur.

T shirts with a little dinosaur on them.

T and T tee.

T Tee shirt.

One T Shirt, by an employee of a local café.

T tshirt, by my friend at my coffee shop


How to watch the first day of the World Cup: tsunami movie

July 13, 2021 Comments Off on How to watch the first day of the World Cup: tsunami movie By admin

After watching the film of the disaster, it’s easy to understand how the tsunami could have been avoided.

The film, tsunami movie in English, was made by British film company St Helena Pictures and will be screened at the London International Film Festival.

It follows the tragic deaths of nearly 60 people in Indonesia after a huge tsunami struck the country in 2012, causing widespread devastation and killing thousands of people.

It was also filmed in Indonesia, which was hit by the tsunami in August 2016, killing nearly 3,500 people.

The tsunami movie was filmed in the remote and densely populated islands of Sumatra and Java, which are part of Indonesia’s archipelago, and the remote island of Bali.

The movie is a poignant portrait of a country that is devastated by the disaster and is slowly recovering from it.

It’s a film about an earthquake that hits the country, and that has devastated the lives of many of its people.

When the earthquake hit, the Indonesian government did not know what was going to happen, so they had to start building emergency shelters.

But when the tsunami hit the country it killed about 100,000 people and left the country on the brink of civil war.

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How the tsunami killed the people of Indonesia’s Bali, a movie

June 30, 2021 Comments Off on How the tsunami killed the people of Indonesia’s Bali, a movie By admin

By JEFFREY JONES | 16 November 2006 08:35:51The tsunami that swept through Bali on December 29, 2004 killed around 1,400 people, mainly tourists and backpackers, and injured around 50,000.

More than 2,000 people were rescued from the tsunami by a helicopter and the rescue operation is still underway.

But the disaster was not an isolated event, and it happened in a country with an ageing population and a weak infrastructure, and with a population that is rapidly ageing.

The country was home to some of the most powerful tsunami-prone nations in the world at the time, such as Japan and South Korea.

The disaster, which also hit Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific, had a devastating effect on people living in these countries.

There were more than 100 million people living on the Indonesian island of Bali at the beginning of the tsunami, and the tsunami also displaced hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom had lived in remote areas.

But there were also millions of people who were not directly affected by the disaster.

These people were forced to move from their homes and were living in makeshift camps in areas such as the remote and tropical Bali Island and on the island of Sumatra.

The number of people displaced from these camps grew exponentially in the aftermath of the disaster, as did the number of refugees and internally displaced people, who came to Indonesia and other countries to escape the devastation.

This story is the second of a three-part series, which look at the lives of people affected by disasters in the 20th century.

Part one looked at the legacy of the Korean War and Part two looks at the aftermaths of the Holocaust.

Part three looks at how human rights have changed since then.

Tsunami waves are very powerful.

A tsunami is a powerful force, as it can hit anywhere, but it is particularly powerful in the water, especially at high tides.

The waves hit from a position of strength and speed that is hard to measure, but experts say they can be devastating, as a tsunami can reach speeds of more than 250km per hour (155mph) in a single wave.

A wave can also carry huge amounts of energy, as the waves travel for a distance of thousands or tens of kilometres, which can be a major factor in how much damage a tsunami has caused.

This can cause waves that are strong enough to tear through steel beams, shatter concrete and topple buildings.

It can also damage vehicles and cause landslides.

Tanks and boats can also be destroyed, and many of the people who lived on the islands in the tsunami’s wake had to flee.

But in the end, the tsunami and the devastation it caused were just as devastating for people living off Bali as they were for people in Japan and Korea.

The death toll from the disaster in Indonesia is still unknown, but the tsunami has led to many suicides, including one young man who attempted to take his own life at the age of 24.

He told police he was unhappy because he was living on a small island with his girlfriend and their two children, but they were unable to provide any assistance.

His friend, a fisherman, told the police that he was suicidal and needed help.

Police said the man had told them that he felt helpless and could not provide help, and had been suicidal since his parents divorced when he was 10.

He had told officers he had spent the previous three years living on Sumatra, but when he arrived in Bali he had no money to pay for his first month of rent.

Police are currently investigating whether the man may have committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Bali has suffered from a series of devastating natural disasters in recent decades.

The tsunami in 2004 destroyed much of the coastline and killed thousands of tourists.

The tsunami in 2000 devastated the city of Cebu and caused more than 30,000 deaths.

And the tsunami in 2005 devastated parts of Sumatran Sumatra and caused major flooding.

The devastating effects of the 2004 tsunami, which killed thousands in Cebulangan and caused thousands more deaths, were felt in parts of Japan and parts of South Korea as well as Indonesia.

The 2004 tsunami killed over 8,000, and has become one of the worst natural disasters to have hit the country since the Second World War.

The 2008 earthquake and tsunami killed thousands.

In 2013, a series from the Japanese news magazine Nikkei ended up in the hands of the Japanese authorities and was subsequently published in English.

In Japan, Nikkea was banned in a national emergency that followed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, a nuclear accident that killed at least 11 people.

The magazine was eventually released, but not before a number of prominent figures, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the former Prime Minister Taro Aso, publicly denounced it as propaganda.

The government of Prime Minister Abe and former Prime Ministers Yosh

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