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What you need to know about tsunami rods

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on What you need to know about tsunami rods By admin

By: Ravi Kumar | Updated: October 19, 2018 04:02PM IST The rod fishing world has gone back to normal, but not before a new tsunami rod has emerged.

It’s the story of a fisherman who used to fish with a rod he had just picked up and his friend, who is now retired, picked it up and used it as a fishing pole.

John Watson, an award-winning journalist and author of a book on rod fishing, said the rods are still used by many fishermen today.

He said they are now used to get in and out of boats, for catching tuna and other fish.

“The rod has come back and it has become a new tool, but its still used as a boat-hook,” Mr Watson said.

Mr Watson said he used to be a rod fisherman for almost 30 years, but now he is retired and is working as a freelance journalist.

Mr John Watson is retired from fishing with a fisherman’s rod he picked up, but his friends still use it.

“We use it to get out of the boat when we fish,” he said.

John Smith, a fisherman from Perth, Western Australia, said he and his friends used the rods as a catch-and-release tool for their catch of bass.

“They get in to catch the bass and the fish, then we pull them out of our boat and then we put them back on the beach and we fish the next day,” Mr Smith said.

He has used a rod for 30 years and now uses it for fishing as well.

“The rod is still used for fishing but it’s got its uses now,” he added.

Mr Smith said he started fishing rods about six years ago, but said they were not popular with locals.

“We used to have a little rod club and we’d use it as bait to catch fish, and then when we went fishing we used to do all kinds of different things,” he explained.

The rod fishers are still doing the same things as they used to.

“It’s still the same fishing, it’s just different,” he laughed.

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