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Tsunami: Tidal waves have left huge glass minnows in UK waters

September 10, 2021 Comments Off on Tsunami: Tidal waves have left huge glass minnows in UK waters By admin

A huge tsunami has struck a stretch of the English Channel, injuring more than 150 fish.

More than 30 fish died when a strong tide hit the area near Dunkirk and more than 100 were rescued by helicopter from the sea off Dover.

The waves were described as a “tidal wave of devastation” by the British Geological Survey.

Tidal waves are waves that travel from the ocean to land and can cause damage to buildings and structures, particularly if they strike near buildings.

“The waters are high, but not too high, and there’s a strong wind,” said Peter Williams, a researcher at the University of Sussex.

The fish are called “turbines” in the fish-loving genus “tobioides”, which includes minnowls.

“A large amount of fish were injured, including minnow, which are very large fish,” he said.

“They’re probably worth about £30 each.”

When they’re injured it’s very traumatic, and you’ll see the fish floating, so you can’t see them.

“But then when they come out they’re so pale, and when they’re taken out it’s really painful.”

He added: “It’s not like they’re floating around.

It’s a really nasty shock.”

The fish have been named after the English poet and naturalist Robert Browning.

He wrote: “Turbine of the Seas, The fish and the seas are one and the same.”

“Turbines are very hard to catch, they’re very hard-working, they do a lot of work,” he wrote.

“So when you have one of them you can see they’re doing their job.”

The waves have caused significant damage to the surrounding shoreline, as well as damage to some buildings.

A spokesman for the British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the area had been evacuated.

“We’ve made an assessment of the damage and are currently assessing the impacts on residents and the surrounding communities,” he told the BBC.

“It’s important to note that there are no immediate reports of injuries or fatalities.”

A spokesman at the British Museum said the museum was taking steps to protect the collections from the tsunami.

The tsunami hit in the early hours of Monday (local time), with some local media reporting that damage had been done to buildings in the area.

The BBC’s David Davies in London says that some of the boats that were towed out of the area were “unloading” at Dover.

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