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‘We can’t wait to get to the bottom of this’: Tsunami warnings for New Zealand and Australia

August 30, 2021 Comments Off on ‘We can’t wait to get to the bottom of this’: Tsunami warnings for New Zealand and Australia By admin

An international group of scientists has warned New Zealanders that an earthquake of the magnitude of 7.8 could hit the Pacific Ocean within days.

In a joint statement, scientists from the University of Auckland, the University, the Australian National University and the University at Adelaide warned that “a large earthquake of magnitude 7.9 will strike the western Pacific Ocean in the next 24 hours” and that it could be the most destructive tsunami ever recorded in the region.

The statement was issued at the height of the most powerful earthquake of 2015, the 7.7 magnitude Kilauea volcano eruption, which caused devastating devastation across the Pacific Rim.

Scientists from the US Geological Survey and from the U.K. and the UK are also among those advising the government to prepare for the potential threat.

“We have seen in recent years, especially with the Kilaukai volcano eruption in the last three years, that the impacts of earthquakes are not just localized, they can travel all the way to the North Atlantic and the East Pacific, as well as the South Pacific,” said Dr Tim Stansfield, a professor at the University’s School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the data, and we do need to be able to put this together to really understand how to respond to these types of events.

What are the key things we need to know before we prepare for an earthquake?

Dr Stansbury said a number of key things to know are: what is the magnitude and speed of an earthquake; what type of structure is likely to collapse; how long the quake will last; and whether there are tsunami warnings in place for other areas.

“It’s a very large earthquake,” he said.

A 7.0 magnitude quake could have the potential to destroy hundreds of buildings in New Zealand, but Dr Stensfield said it was too early to draw any conclusions about the damage.

“What we need are measurements of the structure of the earthquake, how far down the fault it is, and what the impact is on the earthquake,” Dr Stonsfield said.

“So it’s not like an earthquake, but rather a series of earthquakes that are all going to happen at the same time.”

There are also a lot more uncertainties in the seismic data we have, and it’s still very early to make a decision on how to prepare.

“The most important thing is that we can get the data to be as accurate as possible.”

I think we can make the most of that.

“The warning issued by the scientists was in response to a statement issued by President Donald Trump on Wednesday urging residents in New York City to be prepared for an increase in the possibility of a large quake of the 7-9 magnitude.

Mr Trump said he had been briefed on the threat by President Barack Obama, but he had not been told by his advisers how the government was going to deal with the potential quake.

He said that he was “very concerned about the potential for a massive, damaging earthquake in the United States and the world” and had ordered the National Guard to “be ready”.

The statement from the scientists said there were “strong signs” of an upcoming earthquake of that magnitude and that the next two to three weeks would be critical to determining how the situation unfolded.

It said it had “not ruled out the possibility that this could occur”, but stressed that a 7.1-7.3 magnitude quake in the US would be far less destructive than the previous one.

Dr Stansfeld said the earthquake was likely to be the worst in New South Wales history and was likely “to be much larger” than Kilaaua.”

A very large quake, and one that will have significant damage, will be far more damaging than the Kālua eruption, and that will likely have devastating effects across the entire Pacific Rim,” he explained.

While a 7-8 magnitude earthquake is likely, Dr Stinsfield said the risk was not as high as that recorded during the 7 magnitude Kīlauea eruption in 2011.

An earthquake of 7-7 magnitude or greater could cause a tsunami that would kill hundreds of people in Australia, and the risk of this type of quake is higher than the 7 or 7.5 magnitude quake that devastated Japan in 2011, the scientists warned.

According to the USGS, an earthquake is an event in which the force of the earth’s rotation causes an earthquake with a magnitude of at least 7.3.

The United States Geological Survey said it would be “extremely unlikely” for a magnitude 7-6.0 quake to strike the Pacific Northwest in the near future.

And while the magnitude 7 quake is expected to have the largest damage, DrStansfield said he did not think it would cause any major damage to coastal communities.”

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